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Wednesday, September 26, 2018 Benaki Museum Amphitheatre

Better Shipping in a Market under Disruption

Further to the three successful past ShipIT conferences netweek magazine and the Association of Maritime Managers for Information Technology and Communications (AMMITEC) present the 4th ShipIT Conference, for the fourth year in a row.

ShipIT Conference is a one-day strategic event addressed to the shipping industry, analyzing Information and Communications Technologies’ (ICT) impact on the industry’s operations and business performance. The Conference is creating a unique knowledge exchange and networking platform for the maritime industry, where senior business and IT executives meet, discuss and evaluate how Digital Technologies improve both business and operational goals. The Conference is a major event for the maritime industry as it brings together a broad spectrum of ICT /IS leaders and more than 280 Professionals of global shipping companies, Academics, Digital Transformation experts, Entrepreneurs and other key Influencers.

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Ship IT Conference 2018

The Scope of the Conference

The Shipping industry is currently operating during a transitional period due to a variety of economic and geopolitical factors affecting prices, newbuilds, and transportation. At the same time, ICTs are revolutionizing the shipping industry, transforming existing operations and opening new business opportunities; digital technologies are being rapidly adopted and data driven services and analytics are being brought to the forefront of the priorities’ list.

The digitalization process taking place in every area will also determine the future of shipping. The changes will affect the structures and business models of the industry as well as production. The new technological means to process masses of data and link them intelligently with algorithms make possible an entirely new level of communication and networking. It is now more than obvious that digital technologies are enable of greater performance, efficiencies and effectiveness and shipping industry is networking into a complex technological system through the exchange of data and digital platforms.

On the other side, there are numerous risks that need to be identified, understood and mitigated to make sure that technologies are safely integrated into the shipping operations and strategic design.

The advent of increased data availability and transparency has led companies to review their approaches to operational efficiency and performance analysis by investigating ways to integrate data measurement into their operations and make it valuable. In this “era sense”, the 4th ShipIT Conference brings together a broad spectrum of business and IT executives, with the objective to:

  • Leverage digital and disruptive technologies to answer to the new needs of the shipping industry
  • Present and assess the importance of ICT in creating best practices, innovative approaches, unique business models and tools to harness business opportunities
  • Evaluate the challenges, questions and advances ICT technology addresses to the shipping industry
  • Stay ahead of the innovation curve, with the digitalization of the maritime sector
  • Address business issues rather than technical ones, as it is bringing shipping business leaders together with CIOs to explore the digital maritime business case
  • Connect / network key leaders from maritime, technology development and innovation

Key Issues

The Conference focuses on four key sessions:

    Digital Transformation Journey
    Big Data – Big Value & Performance - Efficiencies
    Protection in the Big Data Era
    Risk Management & Cyber-Security

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Who should attend

Chief Information Officers (CIOs)
Chief Technology Officers (CTOs)
Chief Operating Officers (COOs)
Senior business and technical executives
Owners and CEOs
Suppliers providing:

    Software / Data ServicesShip Shore CommunicationsShipboard Electronics / Safety / Navigation SystemsControl Systems / PowerSecurity Technology

What will you learn?

At the 4th ShipIT Conference, delegates will:

    Meet, The disruptors in the shipping industry and the visionaries looking to transform shipping
    Learn , How the ideas of digital transformation are being received by the ship owning community
    Pinpoint , Where the latest ICT technology joins with the digital future agenda


International Keynote Speaker Prof Paul Dorey Prof. Paul Dorey, is known for his strategic leadership in cybersecurity. Now Visiting Professor in information Security at Royal Holloway his award winning career in Cybersecurity Risk Management includes Executive leadership roles at Deutsche Bank/Morgan Grenfell, Barclays Bank and BP.
International Keynote Speaker Prof. Dr. Henning Vöpel Henning Vöpel has been director and CEO of the Hamburg Institute of International Economics (HWWI) since 2014. In 2010, he was appointed for Professor for Economics at HSBA Hamburg School of Business Administration. His research areas include business cycle analysis, fiscal and monetary policy as well as digital economy.
Panagiotis Apostolopoulos Mr. Apostolopoulos holds a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering and a Masters Degree in Management of Business, Innovation and Technology and has a working experience of eight years in the Marine Industry.
Konstantinos Bonatsos Mr. Konstantinos Bonatsos holds a BSc in Computer Science and an MSc in Information Security & Computer Forensics. During his Master’s degree, he completed his dissertation on “Risk analysis and management of vessels’ Information Systems”, based on a case study which included typical network architecture and devices on board as well as the ISO/IEC 27005 standard.
PhD Ioannis Filippopoulos A “technology architect” and a “team leader” with a passion exceptional aptitude for working with computers combined with an astounding academic background in computer and network engineering (PhD) and business management (MBA). Skilled in implementing, maintaining, supporting, developing and designing technology systems ensuring a reliable and efficient network to keep the organization running smoothly and profitably.
Kostas Grivas Kostas is the Information Security Officer of Angelicoussis Maritime Group. He is responsible for the Information Security strategy and developments of all Group’s functions, both shore and vessels’ side.
Zacharoula Lempesi Mrs Zacharoula Lempesi has an extensive working experience in HSQE Management roles at highly reputable shipping companies for 23 consecutive years and currently she serves as HSQE Manager at Empire Navigation Inc.
Phd Nikitas Nikitakos Prof. Nikitas Nikitakos is a graduate of the Hellenic Naval Academy and of the Department of Engineering and Economics from the University of Piraeus. He also holds an M.Sc. in Computer Engineering and Applied Mathematics from the Naval Postgraduate School USA. He has graduated from the National Defence Academy and holds a PhD in Electronic Engineering and Computer Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens.
Thanasis Pagonis Mr. Thanassis Pagonis is working for Almi Tankers as a Business Performance Monitoring Unit Officer for the past 7 years and has been involved with data management and analysis for the most part of his career.
Nikos Patronas Nikos Patronas holds a Diploma in Electronics Engineering and has a working experience of twenty years in the Marine Industry.
Themistoklis Sardis Mr. Themistoklis Sardis is the IT Manager of Costamare Shipping Company S.A. He has twenty years of experience in the shipping industry and is a founding member of AMMITEC.

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