Sunday, April 18, 2021

Conference’s Scope

The Shipping industry is currently operating during a transitional period due to a variety of economic and geopolitical factors affecting prices, newbuilds, and transportation. At the same time, ICTs are revolutionizing the shipping industry, transforming existing operations and opening new business opportunities; digital technologies are being rapidly adopted and data driven services and analytics are being brought to the forefront of the priorities’ list.

The digitalization process taking place in every area will also determine the future of shipping. The changes will affect the structures and business models of the industry as well as production. The new technological means to process masses of data and link them intelligently with algorithms make possible an entirely new level of communication and networking. It is now more than obvious that digital technologies are enable of greater performance, efficiencies and effectiveness and shipping industry is networking into a complex technological system through the exchange of data and digital platforms.

On the other side, there are numerous risks that need to be identified, understood and mitigated to make sure that technologies are safely integrated into the shipping operations and strategic design.

The advent of increased data availability and transparency has led companies to review their approaches to operational efficiency and performance analysis by investigating ways to integrate data measurement into their operations and make it valuable. In this “era sense”, the 4th ShipIT Conference brings together a broad spectrum of business and IT executives, with the objective to:

  • Leverage digital and disruptive technologies to answer to the new needs of the shipping industry
  • Present and assess the importance of ICT in creating best practices, innovative approaches, unique business models and tools to harness business opportunities
  • Evaluate the challenges, questions and advances ICT technology addresses to the shipping industry
  • Stay ahead of the innovation curve, with the digitalization of the maritime sector
  • Address business issues rather than technical ones, as it is bringing shipping business leaders together with CIOs to explore the digital maritime business case
  • Connect / network key leaders from maritime, technology development and innovation

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